A new blog

Hello interested parties. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Seems a good way to do things, rather than having a fully blown website. For my needs, this blog will probably be more flexible. Especially given that my web design skills were never up to much! Another bonus is that I can avoid myspace more. As myspace is horrible (albeit useful at times).

So, what else can I say at the time being?

I had a great (if slightly sleepy, not used to being up so late these days!) gig at the Bongo Club on Saturday night, the first (slightly shaky in places but nobody seemed to really notice) outing for Emmerson, Clarke and Trepka, (see http://www.thebluesfather.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/nicktrepka). Thank you to Louisa for staying up so late to watch. Hope it was at least kind of worth it. We have another jam tomorrow night, hopefully I can learn Cutaway, so no more sitting out for a song in the middle of the set!

I’m also looking forward to restarting the puRe et Riadsala project, I’ve finally sorted out a new computer and can’t wait to put it to its test, seeing how much nonsense in Reaktor I can through at it!

In other recent news, the band possibly known as Pretty Sound(although the name was never universally agreed on) is finally getting its act together. Had two jams in two weeks and are actually half way through sorting out a rough and ready set! Unfortuantly Lucy is busy for the next two weeks (singing a lead role in an opera I’m told), but hopefully we can put it to good use polishing the instrumental parts of some songs until they are nice andshiney!

The other two musical projects I’m involved in are AlKandAlC and Benny’s Afro-Scot Beat Band, although as these two aren’t doing anything until August, 10th Feb respectively, I won’t go into details.

Guess that’s about it for a first blog,


One Response to A new blog

  1. Al says:

    Hey Al,
    What a “swish” looking blog you got here! Great to hear all is well, haven’t heard any music over here yet…..
    Say hi to Louisa,

    take it easy


    p.s really missing our jams and performances!! 🙂

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